There is no better Insurance Attorney

After doing much research and browing throughout Metro LA for a good insurance attorney, I found Jeff Bolender. And boy am I glad I did. After a substantial theft of property from my vehicle, I was mortified when my insurance company had the nerve to completely deny my claim due to their “creative” interpretation of some obscure/legalese fine print buried deep in my insurance agreement. I suspected that I had a legitimate “bad faith” claim against my insurer for their shady and sketchy interpretation of the agreement but yet I didn’t really know how to escalate the case on my own. Enter Bolender Law Firm: They exhaustively researched the details of my case and sent my insurer a brilliantly long, and authoritative letter detailing the MANY reasons they were wrong to deny me coverage for my loss. And then they promptly followed that up with some firm phone calls and emails just to make sure that my sleazy insurer got the message. And as a result, my insurer agreed to pay the FULL amount of the claim that I had filed. Victory! I cannot image a more qualified and skilled insurance attorney in LA. Or anywhere for that matter. If you’ve got a case against an insurer who’s pulled a fast one on you, look no further. Jeff Bolender is THE guy who can take care of it if anyone can.