Client Reviews

Super helpful advice with regards to employment contract. Will definitely utilize his services in the future.

Super helpful advice
Loops D.

Gave free consultation and explained everything. Very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommended.

Gave free consultation
Brian A.

After doing much research and carefully searching throughout the Metro LA area for a good insurance attorney, I found Jeff Bolender. And boy am I glad I did. After a substantial theft of property from my vehicle, I was mortified when my insurance company had the nerve to completely deny my claim due to their “creative” interpretation of some obscure/legalese fine print buried deep in our original insurance agreement. I suspected that I had a legitimate “bad faith” claim against them for their shady and sketchy interpretation of the contract terms… but I didn’t really know how to escalate the case on my own. Enter Bolender Law Firm: Immediately upon bringing them on to represent me, they set about to exhaustively research the details of my case and review presedents set by other cases, etc. And then they sent my insurer a brilliantly long, and authoritative letter detailing the MANY reasons they were wrong to deny me coverage for my losses. And this was followed up by a few judiciously-timed phone calls (with the necessary firm tone) and emails just to make sure that my sleazy insurer got the message. As a result, my insurer agreed to pay the FULL amount of the claim that I had originally filed and been denied. Victory! I cannot image a more qualified and skilled insurance attorney in LA. Or anywhere for that matter. If you’ve got a case against an insurer who’s pulled a fast one on you, look no further. Jeff Bolender is THE guy who can take care of it if anyone can.

After doing much research
Brandon B.

We contacted Bolender law firm to see if they could represent us in a truck accident. After speaking to Jeff, we knew we found the perfect attorney who fits our needs. He always answered our questions promptly and was always courteous. He was also very fair and assisted us in making the right decision regarding our case. We would highly recommend his law firm to anyone needing representation. Before contacting him, the insurance adjuster wasn’t trying to be fair with us. After he took on our case, the adjuster was more than willing to assist with providing proper compensation for our losses.

We knew we found the perfect attorney
Markia Lewis

I knew Mr. Bolender when my house got water leaking disaster. I discussed with him on our case in first free consultation and received his great advises. We hired him to represent us to deal with Insurance company and with contractor who worked on our house repair. He is very honest lawyer and charges very reasonable prices. We were very happy with his work and highly recommended him to many of our friends and family member.

He is very honest lawyer and charges very reasonable prices.
Kevin T.

We had a family issue that my daughter had made thinking she was an adult. Mr. Bolender was so helpful and caring to get us through this problem. Our case was not a matter that he deals with but he took us on anyway. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

My review

Jeff was very patient with me and explained things clearly. you want someone who you can trust and depend on and that surely is Mr.jeff Bolender. He would always update me and keep me informed and never made me felt like I was waiting and waiting. I definitely recommend Jeff to everyone.


While employed as a claims examiner for an insurance company, I had the good fortune to work with Jeff Bolender regarding insurance coverage matters. I have hired coverage attorneys throughout the United States for two decades. Jeff raised the bar for my expectations of knowledge and performance to the point where other attorneys just don’t measure up. He tells you like it is, which isn’t always what you want to hear but what is what you need to know to fairly and properly evaluate coverage for a claim. I highly recommend Jeff for whatever coverage needs you may have.

Topnotch Coverage Attorney