Agent/Broker Liability

Good insurance agents usually possess a range of positive traits, to include extensive industry knowledge, charisma, a strong drive to work, a great sales pitch, and more—but along with education and experience in their field, trust is the number one attribute you probably seek from agents (usually working for one insurance company) or brokers (operating independently, working with an array of insurers) as a policyholder—along with feeling comfortable about the insurer overall. Buying insurance can be a very serious matter, and agents and brokers are the people we must trust to help us protect our health, families, homes, businesses, cars, and livelihoods. 

Insurance Coverage Can Be Complicated 

The subject of insurance coverage can be a complex one, with laws and rules and regulations changing continually. And although your insurance representative may seem confident in their abilities to guide you, there could be an instance where they make one or more errors that substantially affect your necessary insurance coverage and the ability to file a claim. This could include failing to obtain the proper coverage you thought you were buying—or a sufficient amount of coverage—or neglecting to send in the premiums for payment, giving you the wrong information, or leaving out other options and important details about your insurance. 

Agent/Broker Errors Must Be Addressed 

The agent and the insurance company must be held accountable for claims that are handled incorrectly, underpaid, delayed, or altogether denied. At the Bolender Law Firm, our attorneys and staff will research your claim and the benefits denial or dispute, along with advising you regarding your rights and obligations. While Errors and Omissions claims (E&O) can often be settled quickly, the Bolender Law Firm advocates on behalf of policyholders in litigation, arbitration, and non-binding mediation. We have broad experience in state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate level. 

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With 25 years of experience dedicated to the aggressive representation of policyholders in their disputes with insurance companies, we know how to enforce the rules and regulations that prohibit insurance companies from delaying claims or adopting narrow interpretations of the written promises in their policies.

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