If your insurance claim has been denied or the insurer has been dragging out the process of paying you indefinitely, you may be concerned that litigation is the only route. And although there are other methods that can be attempted first with the help of a skilled attorney from the Bolender Law Firm—such as pursuing further communication with the insurer or attending arbitration or mediation—more aggressive action may be the only route to guarantee you success. 

The Insurance Policy Should Represent Peace of Mind 

Insurance is an unusual industry, with consumers pouring out billions each year to buy products that are completely intangible. Such purchases often feel like a necessary evil, leaving us to chafe at being held hostage by insurance rates that continue to climb. Peace of mind is one of the biggest selling points for insurance policies of all kinds, but the true purpose for purchasing any policy is protection—promised to you after you write a nice big check to the insurer and receive a stack of paper (your policy) in return.  

While it may be complex reading, the insurance policy is a document that should be clearly understood so you know what you have purchased in detail—and what to expect if you need to make a claim. You may have purchased coverage for your home, car, business, or job, but in the end, the goal is the same: to have the security of knowing that your policy will pay out if something goes wrong, whether it is a moderate issue or accident—or a catastrophic claim.  

Seek Skilled & Experienced Legal Help to Take on the Insurer 

But what happens when it is time to file a claim and your insurance company does not follow through on their end? If you have been waiting on payment or have been completely denied, you may be confused, frustrated, and extremely worried—feeling like the insurance company holds all the cards to your personal and financial health, and your future. And if you think they may be trying to get out of paying your claim or delay and give you the least amount possible, you are probably right. 

Once an impasse has been reached, skilled legal advice and representation is critical. A lawsuit may be your last best option, and Jeff Bolender knows how to fight insurance companies due to many years litigating complex insurance cases and representing insurance companies in the past. An artful and tenacious litigator, Bolender has won many cases with enhanced extracontractual damages for ‘bad faith’ claims handling by insurance companies.  

Contact Us for Help 

The Bolender Law Firm focuses its insurance law practice exclusively on assisting policyholders in the wrongful denial of insurance claims. We evaluate the terms of insurance policies and the circumstances of our clients’ claims to evaluate whether their loss or injury comes within the scope of their insurance coverage. We negotiate with insurance companies to reconsider and pay denied claims. If necessary, we initiate formal dispute resolution proceedings such as filing a lawsuit against insurance companies in state and federal court. 

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