Practice Areas Overview

Attorneys Jeffrey S. Bolender and Corinne L. Cortes have been dedicated to the aggressive representation of their clients for decades, specializing in the following areas:

Insurance law and bad faith litigation – The Bolender Law Firm focuses its insurance law practice exclusively on assisting policyholders in the wrongful denial of insurance claims. We evaluate the terms of insurance policies and the circumstances of our clients’ claims to assess whether their loss or injury comes within the scope of their insurance coverage. We negotiate with insurance companies to reconsider and pay denied claims. If necessary, we initiate formal dispute resolution proceedings such as filing a lawsuit against insurance companies in state and federal court.

Business litigation – The Bolender Law Firm uses its knowledge of civil procedure, corporations and commercial code laws to zealously advocate for clients, whether regarding disputes with other business, partners or shareholder disputes, or assisting with contract disputes.

Trademark protection – Bolender Law Firm deals with all stages of trademark selection, protection, and enforcement. Our services in trademark law include trademark registration, licensing, enforcement, and protection. We also prepare and file trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as responding to USPTO’s office actions. We negotiate and license assignment agreements, consult with clients regarding domain name disputes, and more.

Copyright protection – Bolender Law Firm provides counseling and legal strategies for copyright transactions, including acquisition and protection of copyrighted material, negotiating and drafting licensing agreements, transfer and licensing of copyrighted works, preparing and prosecuting copyright applications for registration, and counseling on licensing and enforcement.

Pro bono representation – Bolender Law Firm accepts several non-criminal assignments each year to assist unrepresented clients in need of legal services. We recognize that many individuals, who cannot afford to hire a lawyer, do not understand their legal rights. We offer limited assistance to deserving clients through counseling and direct representation with an emphasis of educating them with the knowledge they need to navigate the legal system.

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