Independent Counsel

If you are being sued by another party or are somehow involved in a lawsuit regarding a claim under your policy, you have every right to individual representation; in fact, the insurer is obligated to make sure that you are given access to a conflict-free defense attorney. This can be critical in many cases as large insurance companies tend to keep their own attorneys on retainer for policyholder defense, sometimes leading to conflicts of interest in liability claims and lawsuits. Such a scenario can put the insurer’s attorney in a difficult position as they must work to protect the policyholder but remain loyal to the insurance company as well. 

Acting as independent counsel for policyholders, attorneys from the Bolender Law Firm are able to: 

  • Monitor the insurer’s attorneys 
  • Demand and act as independent counsel 
  • Negotiate rates 
  • Deal with disputes 

This gives more control to the policyholder and a better chance for a successful outcome in court. The insurer is required to defend their insured, and often everyone agrees in regard to the case. When there is a disagreement or friction over the case, however, independent counsel may be called in for defense in the liability case—and it is required that the insurer provide such counsel (unless the policyholder waives this right, and that must be done so in writing). 

Although Jeff Bolender has an extensive background in representing insurance companies, the Bolender Law Firm today represents policyholders exclusively and is passionate about protecting their rights. This includes acting as independent counsel in many cases, continuing to protect clients in need of expert legal advice and protection during liability insurance claims disputes or lawsuits. You need attorneys on your side who can examine the circumstances of the case, provisions of the policy, and investigations carried out so far, allowing them to create a solid defense in the face of potential differing interests with the insurer. 

The Bolender Law Firm advocates on behalf of policyholders in litigation, arbitration, and non-binding mediation. We have broad experience in state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate level. Our firm’s principal attorney, Jeff Bolender, has analyzed insurance policies and litigated bad faith lawsuits for the past 24 years. Licensed to practice law in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia, he is a noted author and speaker on insurance law issues and case law developments. Based on his former representation of insurance companies, he knows the tactics they use to avoid honoring their contractual and legal duties to provide insurance protection in times of loss. 

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