Policy coverage review and analysis

Although taking out an insurance policy and then paying for it can be a costly headache on its own, you probably just expected—like the rest of us—to continually write out checks on a monthly or quarterly basis for something you would never have to use. Because of that, you may only be aware of the basics included in this legally binding contract that can become very important later should you need to file a claim. 

Insurance Policies Are Complex Contracts 

Rates and any additional fees were probably your first concern when taking out coverage after researching insurance companies, whether for commercial or residential insurance, liability, auto, or more. After that comes exploring all the really important features such as deductibles and how they work, coverage and how long it lasts, limits or exclusions, and whether you should purchase any type of extra protection. And while you may have been happy with what you signed on for in the beginning, once the insurer has denied a claim or is dragging their feet in paying out for one, you may be scouring that policy to understand more about the situation and find a way to get them to honor their promises. 

Insurance Agents May Not Even Fully Understand Policies 

Some insurance policies can be extremely difficult to decipher; in fact, you might be surprised to find out that many agents don’t really understand these contracts very well either. Numerous policies are not just challenging to read but may seem impossible to comprehend, filled with gray areas and ambiguity. 

With expert legal assistance from the attorneys at Bolender Law Firm, however, you can be assured of a comprehensive review and analysis. Errors or inconsistencies may be uncovered, and the attorney may be able to pinpoint a breach in the contract—as well as explaining your rights. Often, they can shed light on exactly why your claim is being delayed or benefits withheld. Your policy may have been canceled without proper explanation, or the claims department may be disorganized and uncooperative. Insurance representatives or adjusters may be overworked, difficult to deal with, or so untrained that you end up in a challenging situation regarding coverage that could have been avoided. Claims may be valued improperly, underpaid, or denied altogether. 

Let Us Open the Lines of Communication with the Insurer 

Having a skilled attorney on your side can make a vast difference in dealing with the insurer, not only in helping you to understand the details better, but also in writing letters or making phone calls to ask questions on your behalf. Resolution may be much easier than expected, and especially once the insurer realizes you are represented by Bolender. Insurance is meant to offer peace of mind to the policyholder—and filing a claim should not become problematic when you have paid your premiums and fulfilled your end of the bargain. 

If a claims denial is not reversed through written or verbal communication with the insurer, more aggressive action may be required. Bolender Law Firm is experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, as well as proceeding to litigation at both the state and federal level. 

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