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separation of insureds

Separation of Insureds Clause & How It May Affect You

Let’s face it: the insurance policy is not exciting reading, and many of us overlook it despite the importance such facts (and choices) could play in our future later–with terms like separation of insureds being a perfect example. Filled with legal jargon and long paragraphs that seem to take forever to get to the point, you may find yourself taking a snooze when looking over your policy. It is a critical legal contract though, and one that could affect you and your finances enormously in the future, should the need to file a claim arise. Be sure to understand who and what are covered and for how much, peruse information regarding changes and renewals, and read over any enhancements, riders, or special clauses.

Separation of Insureds Protects Multiple Individuals

The separation of insureds clause may seem complex to understand at first, but basically it means if there are multiple people being insured on the policy, they are each protected separately within the claim. The point is who is being sued, not where the lawsuit is emanating from—as additional insureds are taken care of within your commercial general liability policy. Also known as the severability of interest clause, this part of your commercial policy should state that all provisions will apply to everyone listed under your policy.

Know What Coverage is Required for Your Business

While your coverages for business insurance may vary, California does require you to carry workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. Comprised of property and casualty insurance, the commercial policy is meant to cover all the physical aspects of your business as well as liability for any harm that may come to you or third parties due to an accident or other injury. Aside from what is required by the state, the rest is up to you and should be discussed at length with your insurance agent. Getting informed about your options and making sure your business is completely covered is vital to your future, as well as those who continue to work for you and may be protected through your policy. You may also need to add more insurance coverage as your business continues to grow over the year. Be sure to review your policies at least once a year and discuss any potential changes with your insurance agent.

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