Month: January 2019

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Protecting Your Domain Name

Building a business today consists of numerous new factors, in comparison to times past. There is very little focus on getting those business cards printed and letterhead made—after all, it’s a paperless world, and most of us spend time communicating about commerce online rather than in person these days. The major priorities are still the same. Do you have enough capital, and will it last long enough to keep you going through the lean startup years? Are your products or services innovative enough? What about partnerships, establishing a team of employees, and contacting vendors?

Bringing customers in the door is key as always, but your domain name can be the portal to millions online—even around the world. It may or may not be accompanied by a trademark but is in many cases even more vital to your success. While other intellectual property is maintained through application, registration, and licensing through government entities like the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the U.S. Copyright Office, your domain should be registered and protected through a reputable registrar. There, you are able not only to purchase your domain name (something like but also a select a variety of different intervals for renewing, or auto-renewals—with this being central to the protection of your address. If you forget or neglect to renew (a more common problem for those with multiple domains to manage), this is where you could become vulnerable, as someone else could intercept or purchase what could be a very popular domain name choice address for their own.

Having a strong password is vital, as well as a domain transfer lock so that it can be switched to anyone else without your permission. You may also be able to register your domain through the USPTO if it clearly identifies the products and services that your company offers to the public. Aside from that, you may also have your trademark (denoting products, usually with a symbol or design meant to gain familiarity with the public) or service mark (often this is a slogan describing what you do) listed on your website, and it should be duly protected no matter what. Even though intellectual property technically does belong to you as soon as you create it, registration through the proper office means that you have much greater legal recourse in the case of infringement.

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Legal Independent Counsel: It May Be Necessary to Winning Your Case

As adults with busy lives and a list of responsibilities that usually just continues to grow, most of us learn to enjoy the status quo, never expecting to have to worry about something like a lawsuit or further complications like legal independent counsel. Knowing what to expect on waking up in the morning and enjoying the simplicity of working, establishing careers, and taking care of our families can be extremely satisfying from day to day. And while some surprises can be good, others can turn our lives upside down. Insurance companies bank on this type of consumer worry—and unfortunately, it can be a reality too sometimes.

Insurance Is Meant to Protect the Policyholder

Whether you have an insurance policy for your home, car, business, professional liability, or more, it was purchased to protect yourself, your family, and perhaps your livelihood too, from financial risk; in fact, one major catastrophe could have the terrifying potential to wipe out your finances and send you into bankruptcy, whether you suffer from a serious illness or were injured in a car accident, or find yourself liable for a customer slipping and falling at your business. And taking such events one step further, finding yourself involved in a lawsuit can be even more expensive and stressful.

The Insurer’s Attorneys May Not Offer You the Best Representation

Your insurance company may be obligated to defend you in a lawsuit, but in many cases, there may be a conflict of interest with their attorneys. If you don’t think you are being represented properly by your insurer’s legal team, consider consulting with a firm like the Bolender Law Firm for independent counsel resources. Because your future is at stake, it is important to retain as much control as possible over your case, and your insurance company is not only obligated to supply you with a defense, but also one that is conflict-free. Independent counsel means having additional legal assistance that will observe the actions and performance of the insurance company’s attorneys, as well as acting in your stead.

You should have the ultimate in protection for your future, as well as legal resources if you are sued. Hiring independent counsel may be a necessity also if you are a victim of bad faith practices, as well as being forced to deal with an unreasonable verdict in court.

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