Before Buying that Insurance Policy: Know What to Ask Your Agent

Although you may be excited about making a large purchase such as a car or a home, the dream and the concept of doing so could be much more exciting than the actual process as there are many details to take care of, whether you are buying a piece of property, opening a business, or taking on a new profession. Most of these endeavors require risk protection, in the form of insurance. As a consumer, you may require multiple lines of insurance, but no matter what, you will need to work with an experienced, ethical insurance agent.

While you may have found a suitable agent online or even nailed down all the details without leaving your desk and computer or phone, it is also common to meet an insurance agent through networking with friends and family. Many insurance agents work for the same companies throughout long and profitable careers and have knowledge of the insurance industry and products that can be extremely valuable to you. If you are getting ready to buy one or more insurance policies, know what to ask your prospective agent:

  • Ask what types of coverage they think you need. While you may be aware that you need insurance for your car, home, or business, there are many different facets of insurance, and items that need to be covered. Your insurance agent may shed light on many details you are not aware of.
  • Ask if the agent can help you find the best rates. If a prospective insurance agent does not work for a competitive company, you may find yourself throwing money into an unnecessarily unexpected policy.
  • Understand what the ramifications are of carrying minimum limits. While you may want the cheapest policy, that could get you into trouble later if you must file a claim.
  • Inquire about the claims process. What type of reputation does the company have? Would there ever be a reason to worry about bad faith? Try to avoid problems from the beginning.
  • Are there exclusions or added types of coverage that you should purchase? For instance, will you be covered if there is a bad storm or an earthquake?
  • What happens if you are sued by another party? Your insurance policy should cover you in terms of liability, but it is critical to understand how far those limits will extend.

If you suspect your insurance company may be denying your claim in bad faith, contact the attorneys at the Bolender Law Firm. If a dispute over a claim cannot be easily resolved through a call or written communication, our attorneys will advocate on behalf of policyholders through litigation, arbitration, or non-binding mediation. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level. Call us at 310-320-0725 now or submit an easy consultation request online. We are here to help!

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