Commercial Truck Crashes: The Potential for Damage & Injury is Greater

Commercial truck crashes

You probably travel numerous roads each day for any number of mundane tasks. While there is the daily commute, other responsibilities call too such as carrying children to and from to school and activities, the endless grocery shopping, trips to pick up a range of different consumer items, and often visits to doctor’s office and other appointments. On most days, the drive will be just as uneventful as the day before, but chances are you will have at least one car accident in your life time. Busy roads, often with a melee of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians, can be deceptively dangerous for everyone traveling—and in fact, car accidents and fatality rates continue to rise at an alarming rate, showing a 13 percent increase just over two years.

Trucks Weigh Exponentially More

Just as pedestrians and bicyclists are more vulnerable due to the potential of a 4,000-pound car striking them, cars (and everyone else) are at significantly more risk when hit by a truck—and mainly commercial trucks which could anywhere from 10,000 pounds to 80,000. In the case of an accident where a large truck hits a car, the collision could be much more complex as a smaller vehicle could be completely crushed, resulting in serious injuries if not death. There may be trailers involved and 18 wheels to contend with as trucks jackknife or contort with the pressure of a crash. Along with that, there is the concern of the truck’s contents at the time of an accident. While there may be many pounds of inventory, serious environmental hazards could arise with a chemical spill or other toxins.

Injuries in an Accident with a Truck Can Be More Serious or Fatal

If you were harmed in an accident due to negligence on the part of a commercial truck driver (or any other motorist), you could have sustained major injuries (brain injuries, spine and neck injuries, broken bones, and more are common) and been out of work temporarily or permanently. An experienced injury attorney should be the one to speak with any insurance adjustors who may call—and especially if they are prying for information or offering you a quick settlement. Keep in mind that their goal is usually to pay out as little for your accident as possible—and to tie up the case with as little time and effort as possible.

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