Bad Faith Practices: Are Witnesses Being Intimidated?

bad faith practices

Insurance can be a simple type of purchase for many years; and while you should be sure to update it at least annually, you may have been paying your premiums faithfully for years without giving it much of a though—except to know that it was in force and there should you need it. Something like a car insurance policy may have been filed away or put into a drawer and forgotten about. You may have absolutely no reason to feel negative about your insurance company, much less harbor any ill will. This could change abruptly in the case of a car accident though, for example, where your insurer did not seem to be following through on their promises as outlined in your original policy—or if they seem to be acting out of line, and surprisingly so.

You May Find It Hard to Believe that the Insurance Company is Being Shady

In a ‘normal world,’ dealing with a claim should be cut and dry. But sometimes disorganization and greed take over, unfortunately, and you may find yourself feeling like the claim and settlement process is a bit like dealing with gangsters lurking in dark alleys as they find one way after another to shut you down with intimidation tactics. Bad faith practices are probably more common than any of us would like to think—after all, who wants to imagine that nice insurance agent we bought our policy from leading us into an eventual nightmare with adjusters?

Witnesses Should Be Respected as An Integral Part of the Case

A homeowner’s property damage issue or car accident and resulting claim should not resemble anything close to dealing with gangsters lurking in dark alleys, but if you are being harassed or if witnesses are being treated in a poor manner, you may be shocked, as well as feeling helpless. This is when you need a skilled bad faith insurance attorney on your side, whether there is the possibility of settling the case or moving forward to the courtroom. Bad faith practices may include adjusters or other representatives for the insurance company trying to intimidate you with making embarrassing allegations, accusing you of fraud unjustly, making you feel like you have no case and any settlement should be enough, causing delays, or just denying you outright.

In Bad Faith, the Insurer May Bully Defendants or Witnesses

Witnesses can be an integral part of any case, and they are commonly called on after an automobile accident. And although it may seem farfetched, the insurer may try to bully them—just as they have bullied you too. They may attack their credibility or character in a variety of different ways or use verbally abusive tactics in the hopes that they will back down, just as they hope you will.

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