Five Tips for Finding the Best Insurance Agent

insurance agent

Unless you know an insurance agent, it can be difficult to find someone who loves insurance. Although having the peace of mind and protection that insurance offers can be well worth it, most of us groan at the thought of having to purchase this safeguard—whether you are shopping for auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, liability insurance…and the list goes on. It’s rare that anyone can get by without at least one form of insurance, and although you can purchase some easily online (auto, for instance), for most other plans you will need to speak to an insurance agent—and this can be a challenging task at times.

Here are five pointers to help you find the best fit with an agent:

  1. Seek a word-of-mouth referral from trusted friends – this is often the best way to find an insurance agent who is both trustworthy and competent. If they have been working for your friends for years, you may have also found yourself an insurance agent who can help you over time as your needs continue to expand.
  2. Do your research first to make sure they know what they are talking about – while years of experience certainly help, make sure your agent is well-versed in the types of insurance you need to buy. If they were to make a mistake in your policy or forget certain coverages, you could be in for a major headache in trying to rectify the situation—and you may even end up having to sue.
  3. Make sure they are enthusiastic about the product, and about answering the list of questions you may have – you want to work with an effective communicator. Again, do your research and know what questions to ask so you can pick both the policy and agent that will work best for you. Plan to interview more than one agent for this important job.
  4. Check out their office – is it well-appointed and organized? This could speak volumes about their organizational skills, which are vital in the insurance business.
  5. Licensing – don’t be afraid to ask for proof of credentials. You agent should be properly licensed for all lines of insurance you require.

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