Claims Adjusters: What Are Their Roles?

claims adjusters

For many policyholders, the insurance policy remains an intangible purchase—and one that is paid for but never really used except for offering the peace of mind that financial protection is in place and any state or governmental requirements are met—whether in terms of necessary coverage like worker’s compensation or perhaps car insurance. For others though, there may be numerous, valid insurance claims filed over a lifetime, from commercial insurance needs to personal ones regarding health or life insurance, homeowners, or more. If you had to file a claim in the past or are filing one now, you may be meeting a claims adjuster for the first time in your life. They will basically follow a claim from beginning to end.

The adjuster is responsible for investigating the claim initially—and if you have been in an accident due to the negligence of others, you may hear from them much more quickly than expected as they hope to open and close the case quickly—and often, before you get an attorney. The adjuster begins by collecting the facts from all parties involved, as well as examining the damage. They may need to conduct numerous interviews, including with any witnesses. The investigation should be thorough (this is really the most important part of their job) and means examining damages, reports, and statements on all sides. Afterward, the adjuster comes up with a settlement amount presented by the insurance company.

While in most cases any claims adjuster is all business and is not your friend (no matter how congenial they may be), they are someone to be watched very closely, and all communications should be handled with care; in fact, if you are involved in a case where the other party’s insurer should be paying a claim to you, the situation could become quite adversarial. Without expert legal help, your case could be significantly jeopardized, so consult with a skilled attorney as soon as possible for help—and then refer any claims adjusters to them. In most cases, the adjuster is acting in the interest of the insurer, and they are well-schooled in how to save money for their employers. They may even receive extra compensation or bonuses for doing so.

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