Why Insurance Companies Are So Reluctant to Pay that Claim


Buying insurance from a company you consider to be reputable is important, especially if you hope to have any claims in the future paid out expediently. And if you have filed a claim with your insurance company recently, chances are you are hoping to hear from them quickly as you must pay medical bills, take care of property that needs to be repaired, or resolve a serious situation where you are being sued or held negligent.

Nothing can be worse than finding out that the insurer you have paid thousands of dollars in premiums to is trying to give you the runaround. And although you may be gravely disappointed, try not to take it personally; after all, if they are being unreasonable with you, most likely that is just how they do business. That may be of little consolation, however, if you have been out of work due to a car or motorcycle crash that resulted in serious injuries and escalation of financial distress after you could not go back to work, or if your home suffered a fire and you have not been able to live there in the interim, or other devastating issues. In most cases where an insurance claim is filed, the policyholder’s finances are affected deeply. You may be extremely worried about your financial future if the insurance company does not come through as you would have expected.

If you suspect bad faith on the part of the insurer when you have filed what you are certain is a valid claim, most likely the insurer is reluctant to pay for one reason: they want to keep their money. And although in many cases, it is obvious they are not doing the right thing, profits, the bottom line, and greed take over. Many red flags may pop up to alert you that something is wrong, beginning with delays that seem to have no explanation. There may be other tactics, however, like investigations that never seem to get underway, or excessive requests for documentation—or even intimidation tactics such as suggesting you should take a lowball offer or you won’t receive anything at all.

If you suspect your insurance company may be denying your claim in bad faith, contact the attorneys at the Bolender Law Firm. If a dispute over a claim cannot be easily resolved through a call or written communication, our attorneys will advocate on behalf of policyholders through litigation, arbitration, or non-binding mediation. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level. Call us at 310-320-0725 now or submit an easy consultation request online. We are here to help!

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