Intellectual Property May Be Intangible, But Invaluable

So many ingredients must fall into place to create a thriving business today—and while putting together an initially intangible business model and then watching it (and controlling it) as it unfolds can be a slightly terrifying experience, it can ultimately be one of the most rewarding, both personally and financially. It may take years or even decades to build up a nest-egg for yourself and your commercial holdings, but there are some ways you can begin to create assets from the beginning. Intellectual property is a perfect example, and it may be critical to the success of your business.

Depending on what your business offers to the public, you may need a trademark or a service mark to begin; in fact, a trademark can be critical to building a foundation as you create a logo and both existing and potential customers become familiar with your products and your services. Your trademark could be with you for a very long time—just consider how long some of the most popular apparel or fast-food restaurants have had the same logo!

Intellectual property is in many ways completely intangible if you own a trademark or a service mark, and indeed these items are necessary and may prove to be invaluable; however, items such as copyrights may protect items that are very available such as a screenplay which you can hold and read, or an architectural work that has obvious tangible value. The results of patents are extremely tangible too, obviously, when beyond the concept and design phase.

Any intellectual property you create is yours upon inception. Technically, you are the owner of whatever logo or invention or artistic expression you may bring into existence; however, that does not mean you are protected! Many individuals are surprisingly blatant about stealing—and using—the work of others. This may include others or companies from different countries also. Applying for registration and licensing is critical but can be complex, time-consuming, sometimes costly, and may take months or even years to come through in some cases. Because of this, and the value intellectual property has to your business, it is critical to work with a skilled intellectual property attorney.

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