Intellectual Property Needs: Is a Copyright License Enough?

Your Intellectual Property Needs

While some businesses take off from the very start and allow their owners enormous—and startling—success, for the average entrepreneur there are many challenges initially. It may take quite some time to get a new company off the ground, and then the challenges in maintaining enough capital can be staggering. Inventory must be purchased, employees must be paid, along with all the essential bills that come with running an office like rent, utilities, supplies, and so much more.

Along with the long list of routine duties that must be continually completed, you must please your public too, no matter what type of industry you are catering to. For most business owners, that means creating unique products and services that set them apart, and if you cannot, your prospects for the future may be slim. This is why protecting everything you have built is so important too—from having your business properly insured and updated to making sure information about your specific innovations is not leaked, and trade secrets don’t walk out the door.

Intellectual property law may seem intimidating, but with the help of a skilled law firm like the Bolender Law Firm, you can look forward to guidance in registering your unique concepts, artistic work, slogans, services, inventions, and more—along with ensuring that you have legal recourse should another party infringe. You may be familiar with the term copyright, but unsure as to exactly what that encompasses.

In applying for a copyright, you may be hoping to protect information on your website, or protect written or other artistic works like music, screenplays, text (a cookbook would be a good example), architecture, or software. In some cases, the copyright may not be expansive enough for your needs in terms of protecting your individual or company’s work from infringement; for instance, you may be interested in copyrighting a computer program that you wrote, but a patent may be required to protect it further from infringement by others as you are able to protect the system and its processes—in other words, it may be in your best interest to go a step further in applying for a patent to protect the way your software or other creation works.

For more on different types of intellectual property, check out some of our previous blogs discussing issues such as trademarks and service marks too. The Bolender Law Firm can assist you in all intellectual property matters. Call us at 310-320-0725 now or submit an easy consultation request online. We are here to help!

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