Mediation Could Allow Everyone to Move on with Their Lives More Quickly

Most private individuals enjoy very little about being involved in a legal dispute or spending time in the courtroom. While tempers may run high in the beginning and the urge is there to fight, to sue, and to win, being in a highly adversarial situation and conflict can be extremely draining. While litigation does have its place and sometimes is the only solution for settling a serious issue, many individuals may overlook mediation, and miss out on a much more streamlined way to solve a problem. Not only that, parties who agree to mediation are usually much more motivated to reach a settlement—with the help of a neutral mediator who is able to assist in clarifying details and keeping the process moving along with a good flow.

Not only does mediation help parties in dispute move on more quickly, but the pace at which they reach a resolution could also be exponentially faster. Rather than spending weeks or even months tied up in scheduling with the courts, postponements, and more, the mediator usually meets with everyone involved ahead of time, gains an understanding of the issues at hand and what originally led to the dispute. The mediator is also in charge of setting and time and location for the proceedings—usually offering flexible scheduling and a more relaxed and casual setting that is conducive to an open discussion. In some cases, mediators may even offer to meet with everyone after hours to make up for busy schedules.

Other benefits of mediation are that it is completely confidential, and the parties involved in the dispute have complete control over what happens, while the mediator may step in intermittently to help. And while mediation may not be free, the costs in comparison to that of litigation are exponentially less. The timeframe is exponentially less too; in fact, an agreement could be made within mere hours. Mediation usually works, and it can also be a great benefit for the future as relationships that may have already been long-standing or preserved.

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