Opening the Conversation: Mediation Allows for Greater Ease in Business Resolution

Business resolution

If you are a business owner in the US, the profits may be good, but your days may always seem to run in a deficit, without quite enough hours to get everything done–much less trying to figure out a business resolution with a sparring industry peer or employee. From continually figuring out ways to bring in new customers to managing the finances and a team of employees, you already have your work cut out for you. Whether you have been operating your own company for decades or are just starting out as an entrepreneur, the marketplace is competitive, and over time legal disputes may arise. Some may just call that the price of doing business, but the stress involved with an ongoing conflict—whether that be with another business, a supplier, a contractor, employer, or another entity you may have worked quite closely with—can be enormous.

If this is the first time you have been presented with a legal issue, you may be relieved to find out that you can try to resolve it in a more relaxed setting. Mediation offers a long list of benefits to all parties involved, and the very fact that you are all in agreement to work on a settlement using alternative dispute resolution shows motivation. The process usually begins with the mediator opening the conversation privately with each party, so they have a full understanding of what the dispute is about. And although many mediators have different styles overall, they may choose one mediation technique over another as it suits your case.

The mediator must remain neutral, and their role is to help you and the other parties come to an agreement yourselves; were they to side against one party, the process would be much less effective—not to mention confusing for the party being ‘decided’ against. With neutrality in place, the mediator can help both parties think outside of the box for resolution if they have reached a stalemate.

In most cases, mediation is successful because everyone involved wants it to work, they take the time to understand the other point of view, and the third-party (mediator) may be able to interject reality into the issue more effectively than the two parties could while in an adversarial stance. This is usually because of a long-standing—and in many cases—profitable business relationship that no one wants to see destroyed. Mediation is usually also much more affordable, scheduling is easier, and the outcome is reached much more quickly.

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