Will Each Party Have an Attorney at Their Mediation?

There are so many benefits to mediation for business owners today that it is no surprise most of the outcomes are successful, but often they do require the presence of an attorney. While forced mediation in other cases—as commonly seen in divorce, for example—may be ineffective when the parties are not ready to come together and agree on a settlement, for business partners or those who have been in a working relationship for many years, mediation may be welcomed not only as a way to settle a dispute quickly and sometimes much more gracefully, but also to preserve what may be a friendship or a profitable partnership that could continue throughout the years.

The role of the mediator is not always easy, and although licensing is not required, they must bring great skill to the negotiating table in terms of remaining neutral but also knowing when to step in and help all parties involved communicate more clearly. To do so effectively, the mediator usually meets with each party before the process begins so that they can gain a clear understanding of the case. This usually means learning a little bit about each party, finding out how the dispute came about, and what goals need to be met overall for a settlement.

The relaxed, casual setting is usually conducive to promoting a better conversation between disputing parties, allowing for easier resolution; and while all of that may be true in your case, if you are concerned about a sizable amount of money or assets that are involved in the dispute, it may be in your best interest and that of your business, to have an attorney present at mediation. With the help of a skilled mediation attorney-and one who is in full support of the process, maybe spending a little more, but providing expert extra protection and added counsel during the process.

With an attorney inexperienced in mediation at your side, however, you could defeat the whole process, receiving the wrong type of advice for your situation and reducing the effectiveness of mediation overall. Consult with The Bolender Law Firm for skilled representation by an attorney who will support the process of alternative dispute resolution.

We will advocate on behalf of clients through litigation, arbitration, or non-binding mediation. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level. Call us at 310-320-0725 now or submit an easy consultation request online. We are here to help!

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