Who Will the Insurance Adjuster Interview During the Claims Process?


If you are going through a difficult time right now due to a catastrophic event, it may add enormous insult to injury to realize you now also have to go through the hassle of an insurance claim. Your policy was purchased to begin with as protection against financial ruin should something go wrong, but it can be easy to lose sight of that while you are in the process of filing a claim. And especially if the insurance company seems to be causing delays, or even obviously acting in bad faith against you.

Once a claim begins, your case will be assigned an adjuster who will call to start collecting details. If this is a case involving negligence from the other side, they will want to interview you as well as the other party, along with any witnesses (keeping in mind that it is always important to get the contact information of anyone relevant on the scene as that may be the only time you will ever see them and they could end up being vital to your case). If, however, you were in an automobile accident due to negligence of another driver, the adjuster will be keenly interested in interviewing you; in fact, they may even ask if they can record the call. Along with that, they may ask you for the police report, medical records, and other information.

Always refer an adjuster from the other party’s insurance company to your injury attorney. If you do not have an attorney, it is highly recommended that you seek one out as soon as possible rather than going it alone against the insurance company—and divulging anything to the adjuster could be significantly detrimental to your case. If you or your attorney are not getting anywhere in the claims process, the insurer could be guilty of practicing bad faith against you, evidenced by no progress due to a lack of investigation or ongoing, unexplained delays. Other signs of bad faith include asking you for an overwhelming amount of information and documentation (in hopes to discourage you), offering a completely unreasonable offer, or denying the claim altogether.

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